Projects carried out by forTANK Team
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Super Forecasters

The perennial "man vs. machine" problem could not be missing from ForTANK! Is it possible to have a true Delphian oracle, made-up by the combined power of many individuals, the super-forecasters? How can these super-forecasters perform in an environment where the prediction problem can be tackled also by mathematical models? In this ForTANK project we research the theory and practice of judgemental forecasting, the way it interacts with model-based predictions and the methods one can use to integrate judgemental forecasting in decision making.

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Policy & Governance

If the markets dominate half of our lives the other half is, by necessity or by design, dominated by policy issues and governance. In this ForTANK project we consider the social aspects of economic life and how economic theory and economic policy making affect us both as economic agents but also as citizens and human beings. Issues like taxation, unemployment, income inequality, poverty and social exclusion, defense economics and others like them are being explored and researched.

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The Markets

We all live and work within a multiplicity of markets, be them our everyday workplaces, our retailers, the global transportation markets or the financial markets in Asia. Markets define our lives in the same, or perphaps in a more important way, than government regulation does. In this ForTANK project we attempt to research many aspects of markets, them being macroeconomic policy, financial forecasting, the global energy markets, monetary policy monitoring, economic sentiment, viable investment strategies, the interplay of foreign exchange rates with the economy, nowcasting of low frequency variables and many others.

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Efficient Systems

Things rarely evolve or operate in isolation. When many factors are at work we call the resulting interactions a “system”: a forecasting system, a production system, a tax system etc. In this project the main emphasis is on “efficient systems”, that is systems that can operate with minimum use of resources, minimum deadweight and maximum performance. How can one design and implement such a system? What are the principles and applications of efficient systems? How such systems differ in different areas of application? Can efficient systems be adapted to interventions? Get inside to learn more!

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Business & Enterpreneurship

We live in a world of innovations, of technological advancements but also of a number of important social issues. The way we structure and promote business and entrepreneurship matters a lot, for making the best use of our physical and human capital and for making sure that many reap the benefits of the application of business ideas to the markets. In this project we concentrate on the importance of entrepreneurship in reshaping the way people access and use resources and how businesses can continue to be a steady and healthy part of global economic growth.