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Eminent Outlooks on:

  • Brexit (Jun 1st-16)
  • USA Elections (Sep 1st-16)
  • Energy Markets (Jan 1st-17)

Regular monthly and quarterly Spotlights on:

  • Gold & Oil prices
  • VIX
  • Global growth
  • GDP (Greece)
  • Global Defence Power Index
  • Geopolitical Stability Map
  • Global Countries Competitiveness Index
This is the first outlook of forTANK ( on current and 'hot' political issues around the globe, and our outlooks are meant to be diverse, provocative but always backed and informed from academic thought and empirical evidence. The first one is coming out this June of 2016 and aims at gathering opinions of our experts around and about BREXIT and the respective referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 in the United Kingdom.
The forthcoming pieces obviously reflect the personal views of the named individuals but nevertheless capture the diverse and multicultural interdisciplinary nature and composure of our think tank. First one coming from Professor Shanti Chakravarty -Emeritus Professor of Economics in Bangor University giving a holistic view on the topic and highlighting the arguments of the two competing views on this issue in UK. Professor Dermot Cahill - Head of the Law School in Bangor University captures the Irish take on this dispute while Mr Brian Jones - Lecturer in Strategic Management in Bangor Business School, offers the Welsh take on the same topic. Finally our co-Director Professor Dimitrios D. Thomakos discusses the links and leads of BREXIT to GREXIT and beyond.
Hope all these make an interesting read for the curious reader and inspire and inform further discourse and discussion, academic or not.
Kostas I. Nikolopoulos & Dimitrios D. Thomakos