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Meet the People behind forTANK


Kostas Nikolopoulos

kostas nikolopoulosKostas is the co-Director of forTANK. He is an expert in Demand Forecasting, forecasting the impact of Special Events, and Forecasting Support Systems. Dr Konstantinos (Kostas) Nikolopoulos received his Engineering Doctorate in 2002 from National Technical University of  Athens. He moved in the UK to work in Lancaster University Management School, then in Manchester Business School and now holds the Chair in Decision Sciences in Bangor Business School and is Visiting Associate in Herbert Simon Institute and Lancaster Centre for Forecasting.  His work has appeared in the International Journal of Forecasting  He is co-originator of the Theta model and acted in 2004-2005 as Research Officer for the EPSRC research project "The Effective Design and Use of Forecasting Support Systems for Supply Chain Management". 

Dimitrios D. Thomakos

dimitrios thomakosProfessor Dimitrios D. Thomakos PhD (Columbia) holds the Chair in Applied Econometrics and is currently the Head of the Department of Economics in the University of Peloponnese as well as a Senior Fellow and Member of the Scientific Committee, Research Center for Economic Analysis, Canada (formerly, Rimini Center for Economic Analysis, Italy). Before returning to his native Greece, Dimitrios was an Assistant Professor in Florida International University. Dimitrios is the co-Director of forTank.


Shanti P. Chakravarty

shanti chakravartyShanti is our Expert in Economics. Formerly 'Centre for Systems Science' Fellow at the University of Rochester and then research fellow on the Southampton Econometric Model Building Unit. Subsequently worked on the construction of an econometric model for Wales. Recently visiting professor at the University of Frankfurt and the guest lecturer at Central Institute of Finance, Beijing.

Brian M. Jones

BrianJonesBrian Merfyn Jones, MSc, DMS, MMS - formerly Lecturer in Strategic Management in Bangor Business School, is currently pursuing a doctorate on “Governance of collaborative partnerships and networks in the Welsh Public sector; the influence of governance structures on partnership effectiveness”and is a Strategic Advisor in forLAB for Local & Regional Engagement in Wales. He has been involved in projects in Regional Economic Development and the use and application of EU Structural Funds.

Gregorios Siourounis

GregoriosSiourounisGreg studied economics in four different institutions (Athens University of Economics and Business graduating 1st, MSc. Economics and Statistics at Iowa State University (USA), Msc. in Economics and Management at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain), PhD in Economics at the London Business School (UK)). He was awarded the 2005 Young Economist Award from the European Economic Association and the 2008 Austin Robinson Prize from the Royal Economic Society. Gregorios spend almost two years in the Global FX Strategy team at Barclays Capital as global head of quantitative research. He has published several papers in top Economics journals and advises a handful of FX asset managers and he is certified from the British FCA on consulting and trading financial instruments.

Dermot Cahill

Dermot CahillProfessor Dermot Cahill holds the Chair in Commercial Law at Bangor University. A graduate of the College of Europe, the oldest college devoted to European Studies, Professor Cahill is the Dean of Bangor Law School and Founding Director of the Bangor Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies (ICPS).

Fotios Petropoulos

FotiosPetropoulosDr Fotios Petropoulos is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Cardiff Business School of Cardiff University and the Forecasting Support Systems Editor of Foresight. His research expertise lies in behavioural aspects of forecasting and improving the forecasting process, applied in the context of business and supply chain. He is the co-founder of the Forecasting Society (www.forsoc.net).

Nicolas D. Savio

NicolasSavio Dr Nicolas D. Savio is nowadays chasing a hectic but stimulating career as Consultant in Ernst & Young; formerly an Assistant Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Manchester Business School and a regular visitor in forLAB as well as long-standing collaborator most notably for work in strategic forecasting. He graduated with Honours from the University of Manchester in 2006 with a BSc in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, and later a MSc in Operational Research/Decision Sciences and a PhD in 2010 under Prof Nikolopoulos's supervision supported from an ESRC/EPSRC Joint Studentship Grant, both from Manchester Business School.

Constantina Kottaridi

ConstantinaKottaridiConstantina Kottaridi is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Piraeus, Department of Economics. She owns a BSc from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), MSc from Iowa State University under a full scholarship and assistantship and a PhD title from AUEB under a scholarship. She has served as a faculty member at the University of Peloponnese. She has also taught at Iowa State University, London School of Economics, AUEB and the University of Ioannina. Her specialization area lies with Economic Development and Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Corporations, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and their internationalization. Her work is published in a number of well recognised journals with numerous citations.

Executive Administrators

Achilleas Raptis

AchilleasRaptisAchilleas Raptis is a PhD Candidate at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. Also holds a position of Research Associate and Development Assistant in the Forecasting & Strategy Unit supervised by Prof. Assimakopoulos Vasileios. His research interests are big data analysis, time series forecasting and business forecasting information systems. Achilleas has provided knowledge transfer and consultancy in Energy & Automation Companies, Retail Sector, Health Sector and Utility Companies. Except from that, he is an expert in software analysis, system design and development of integrated forecasting support systems. He has participated as member in several National and European-funded projects.


Thomas Alexopoulos

Thomas AlexopoulosThomas Alexopoulos is a Research and Teaching Associate at the Department of Economics, University of Peloponnese. His scientific fields are Energy Finance, Energy Economics, Applied Econometrics and Environmental Economics. His academic work has been awarded and published in several Journals and Conferences. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, an M.Sc. in Energy from the Heriot-Watt University and an M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Peloponnese. Prior to his academic career, he had worked as an electrical engineer in the private sector.

Sama Alhajri

Sama Alhajri is as from September 2014 a PhD student in Bangor Business School on "The impact of project practices on the performance of public and non-profit organisations" and Research Assistant in forLAB . She has earned her Masters in Educational Leadership from Qatar University in 2009 and working since then as the Head of Research Department in The Childhood Cultural Centre in Qatar where she is responsible of running projects and conducting research related to children cultural issues and concerns.


Ilias Katsagounos

IliasKatsagounosIlias is an active military officer and instructor holding a Master's’ Degree in techno-economic systems and a B.A. in Military, Diplomatic and Law studies, from the Hellenic Military Academy. He is a certified Project & Risk Management Professional (PMP ® & RMP®) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP®) on MS Project 2013. Recently, Ilias is engaged, as a PhD Candidate, in research concerning the enhancement of methods and applications in Judgmental Forecasting. His Workshop Training Specialties include: Project & Risk Management, Applied Project Management through the use of MS Project 2013, Leadership, Emotional intelligence and body language, Coaching Techniques and procedures, Operational planning.

Christina J. Phillips

Christina PhillipsChristina J. Phillips holds a Joint Honours degree in Mathematics and Physical Oceanography from Bangor University and a Diploma in Physics from the Open University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Bangor Business School on "Lean, Efficient and Sustainable Operations in the Healthcare industries" through a joint industrial placement+studentship scheme funded by the College of Business,Law, Education and Social Sciences in Bangor University and Siemens Healthcare & Diagnostics Ltd.(supervised by Prof. Nikolopoulos and Dr Karami). Chrisitna is based in the Siemens Healthcare diagnostic Products Ltd. factory in Llanberis, Gwynedd, Wales


Lazaros Rizopoulos

LazarosRizopoulosLazaros Rizopoulos is an active military officer and army aviator flight instructor. Lazaros most recently is engaged with the University of Peloponnese as a "PhD Candidate, in research concerning Defence Economics". He also holds a “MSc Degree in Sustainable Development Strategies”, from International Hellenic University. In 2001, he attended the Hellenic Military Academy graduating with distinction , holding a “Bachelor Degree in Military Science”. Following advanced civilian and military schooling, his ongoing interest in international collaboration resulted in pursuing a “Bachelor Degree in International and European Studies”, graduating with distinction from University of Macedonia. Now he serves as a Staff Officer and Consultant to the Military Office of the President of the Hellenic Republic.

Waleed Saud A Alghassab

Waleed Saud A AlghassabWaleed Saud A Alghassab is as from September 2015 a PhD student in Bangor Business School on "Oil Dependency Risk, Diversification Strategy and Economic Development: the case of Saudi Arabia". He holds a Diploma in Business Administration from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and a BA in Management and an MBA from the Univesity of New Brunswick in Canada (supervised by Prof. Nikolopoulos and Dr Karami).

Sotirios Karagiannis

SotiriosKaragiannisHe works as Management Consultant in the private sector. He holds a M.Sc. in Finance and Management from the University of Essex, UK and a B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Patras, Greece. Since 2014, he is a Ph.D. Candidate in Finance at the University of Peloponnese, Department of Economics, Greece and his supervisor is Professor Dimitrios Thomakos, Head of the Department. His research interests are Empirical Corporate Finance with focus on Corporate Bonds and their Effect on Employment, Empirical Corporate Governance and specially CEO Compensation, Financial Management and the Lead-Lag Relationship of Financial Derivatives. He teaches Financial Management and Econometrics (Eviews) as a Teaching Assistant (T.A.).

Grigoris Spirakis

GrigorisSpirakisDr Grigoris Spirakis, (PhD and Master in Public Administration - UoP, Greece) after successfully finished his PhD entitled “Modelling and Forecasting the Impact of e-Government in public administration and tax agencies in Greece” in the Department of Economics at the University of Peloponnese, is now pursuing a post-doc in the same department on the "Tax-reform in Greece: Actions, Impact, Benefits, Proposals and the way Forward!". He is working for the Ministry of finance and Economics in Greece in the Tax Revenue Agencies for over 18 years. He is a regular co-researcher for forTANK and forLAB mostly known for his work on the impact of electronic government on governance and democracy.

Andreas Tsalas

AndreasTsalasAndreas Tsalas is PhD Candidate and Research & Teaching Associate at the Department of Economics of the University of Peloponnese. He holds a BA in economics from the University of Athens, an MA in Banking and Finance from the University of Bangor and an Executive MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business. His main research area is accounting and finance. He now works as a Senior Analyst at the Consignment Deposits and Loans Fund in Athens and is also responsible for the implementation of a financing agreement between the EIB and the CDLF. He has also worked as an Expert and Key Account Manager at the Division of Listed Securities of the Hellenic Exchanges.

Dimitrios Stergiou

DimitriosStergiouHe is a graduate of the Hellenic Military Academy. He received his training in Greece and in the US and has served in Army Aviation Units and at the Army Aviation Directorate as a helicopter and fixed-wing pilot, as a staff officer and as a teacher in Tactics. He served as the Hellenic National Defense Ministry representative at NHIndustries in France. He graduated from the Supreme Joint War College at the top of his class and he has a Master 2 in Comparative Military History and Geostrategy from the University of Marseille. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Economics of University of Peloponnese in the field of Geoeconomics. He speaks and writes English, French and German.

Rafael Yahlomi

RafaelYahlomiRafael has 10 years of experience in the capital market which include: trading, research, money management, programming, etc. His experience has been concentrated in quantitative analysis and asset pricing. Rafael's quantitative strategies has been issued in Israeli financial vehicles such as MTF and ETN with AUM of USD40 million approximately. In addition, he established both Israeli and Singaporean hedge funds based on global quantitative strategies. Rafael holds first degree in economic & accounting, second in finance MBA and nowadays he is Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Economics, University of Peloponnese, Greece.